Dr. Elliott's work with different types and forms of utilities

  • Failure of large water main - New York, New York
  • Failure of power generator systems - Bermuda
  • Gas turbine failures - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • Boiler tube explosion - Cadafe, Venezuela
  • Fuel oil corrosion in boiler - Dominican Republic
  • Oil pipeline rupture - Mexico
  • Fire-related damage from gas supply lines - Chicago, Illinois
  • Failure of gasoline dispenser pipe - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Coating failures on generator panels - New York, New York
  • Corrosion in underground oil storage tanks - New Jersey, New York
  • Condition survey of aluminized steel in underground culvert - DFW Airport, Texas
  • Hydraulic cylinder failures in coal mine - Price, Utah
  • Evaluation of steam pipe failure - New York, New York