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Dr. Peter Elliott of C&MC is the author of over 100 technical papers on

  • Materials performance
  • Aqueous & general corrosion
  • High temperature corrosion
  • Engineering design
  • Risk assessment & awareness
  • Corrosion technology transfer

Selected Titles Below

(complete listing available upon request)


Blue-Stained Sealants do Not Imply Catastrophic Corrosion of Copper Piping 

NACE CORROSION 2015, March 15-19, 2015, The Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

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2015 – as we enter our 28th year in business our network of associate experts has continued to grow, which permits us to maintain a realistic, timely and informed response to the wide variety of inquiries we receive on challenges that beset people, property and the infrastructure. Inquiries and work scope span a broad spectrum of material applications; many require testing and corrosion control measures. We are pleased to report a continued growth of work in litigation and insurance matters.

Litigation & Insurance Work – experience and expertise with defense and plaintiff attorneys, insurers and adjusters with a growing number of high-value subrogation cases. Current and recent cases include: building defect matters; HVAC issues; Chinese drywall; potable water plumbing system issues; fuel oil AST/USTs; dezincification of yellow brass plumbing fittings; sprinkler system pressure relief valve failure; refinery and chemical processing (equipment and piping); boiler and reactor tubes; bridge walkway (corrosion wastage); grain elevator explosion; aerosol can rupture; formicary corrosion (copper tubing); surgical instrument fractures; hoist clip failure; crane basket failure; and, tools.

Troubleshooting, Failure Analysis & Materials Testing. Site surveys and audits, material evaluations, root cause determinations; advisory and materials selection for a wide spectrum of matters, including: erosion of poorly installed copper tubing; copper corrosion in PWS; SCC in insulated copper piping; solar energy systems; UST/AST heating oil; formicary corrosion issues (copper piping); dezincification (brass fittings); aluminum coil corrosion control; heater elements; aerosol cans; high-temperature R&D for several applications, including hot molten salts and novel technique for metal production; material testing of enzyme solutions; HVAC system development work; boiler (evaporator and recuperator tube) failures; SCC in stressed stainless steel pipe; accelerated corrosion of aluminum; sealant issues and corrosion; and, materials for sulfurous surroundings.

Blue-Stained Sealants do Not Imply Catastrophic Corrosion of Copper Piping - to learn more, see publication in June issue of Materials Performance. Click here to download the publication.



“Overcome the Challenge of High Temperature Corrosion” Corrosion 2011, NACE International, 2011

Corrosion problems in the home are noted the NACE Corrosion 2010 Forum (see Materials Performance, Sept. 2011.) Click here to download the presentation!

“The Human Factor” Materials Performance, 48, NACE International, April 2009

“Gallery of Corrosion Damage”, Metals Handbook, 13B, ASM International, p.629-646, 2005

“Designing to Minimize Corrosion”, Metals Handbook, 13A, p.929-939, ASM International, 2003

“Ant-Nest Corrosion – Exploring the Labyrinth”; “Ant-Nest Corrosion – Digging The Tunnels”(with R.A. Corbett), Corrosion Reviews, 19-1, p1-14, 2001; 20-2, p51-66, 2002

“High Temperature Alloys Meeting the Corrosion Challenge of the New Millennium”, Corrosion 2002, paper 2123, NACE International, 2002

“Choose Materials for High-Temperature Environments”, Chem. Engineering Prog. Vol 97, No. 2, p. 75-81, 2001

“Overcome the Challenge of Corrosion”, Chem. Engineering Prog., p 33-42, 1998

“Design for Corrosion Resistance”, (with F. Peter Ford and Peter l. Andresen), Metals Handbook Vol. 20, p.545-572, ASM International, 1997

“Materials Performance in High Temperature Waste Combustion Systems”, Materials Performance, 32, p82-87, NACE, 1993

“Practical Guide to High- Temperature Alloys”, Materials Performance, NACE International, 28, p57-66, 1989

“The Corrosion of Metals in an Oxidizing-Chloridizing Environment at High Temperatures”, (With F.H. Stott and R. Prescott), Werks und Korros, 39, p401-405, 1988

“Process Plant Corrosion: Recognizing the Threat”, Process Engineering, 65, (11), 1984

“Corrosion in Agriculture and Horticulture”, Guide to Practice, (With G. C. Wood, C. M.  Fowler and J. B. Johnson), No. 15, UK Government, Dept. of Industry, 9pp. 1982



Looking for An Expert Educator?

Dr. Elliott has done over 100 presentations, including: plenary lectures [see NACE 2013 Plenary Lecture “CORROSION – When You See The Signs Which Way Do You Go?” Click here to download the publication!], invited lectures at international conferences and local professional societies, radio and television presentations, video presentation on designing for corrosion control, high-temperature seminar for NACE (author and presenter), corrosion control for food processing industries (NiDI presentations)