Building & Construction

Dr. Elliott's Experience in several different types of buildings and structures

  • Longevity of plumbing systems in potable water systems in condominium buildings – Oregon
  • Dezincification corrosion in brass plumbing components - Nevada
  • Erosion corrosion in potable water copper tubing - Tennessee
  • SCC failures in insulated copper tubing (hotels and supermarkets) – Pennsylvania and Mexico
  • Hoist clip failure on steel lintel – new university building – New Jersey
  • Cracking in acrylic skylights - Staten Island, New York
  • Elevator cable failures - New York, New York
  • Evaluating structural steelwork in elevator shafts - WTC, New York, New York
  • Corroded galvanized water piping in high-rise buildings - New Jersey
  • Sprinkler system valve failure - New York, New York
  • Loss of coatings on structures - Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
  • Leaking copper water pipes in high-rise condominiums - Washington, DC
  • Escalator step failure - Kennedy Airport, New York
  • Broken guardrail from subway - New York
  • Failure of lightning arrestor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Loss of patina on zinc roofing - San Francisco, California
  • Duct work evaluations after a fire in a luxury mansion - Dallas, Texas
  • Igniter failures in domestic gas furnaces - Minneapolis, Minnesota