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Seminars & Training

Dr. Elliott offers seminars, tutorials and training courses – worldwide – in the following areas:

  • Designing to Minimize Corrosion
  • Materials Selection and Design

Customized presentations for clients worldwide, including seminars or short courses held at universities, private companies and for professional societies.

Topics include: 

  • Approach to Failure Analysis
  • Materials Selection & Design
  • Overcome the Challenge of Corrosion
  • Designing to Minimize Corrosion
  • Overcome High Temperature Corrosion

Courses included:

  • Industrial Corrosion, CfPA – USA and overseas
  • Oil & Gas Corrosion, CfPA – overseas
  • Corrosion in Food & Beverage Industries, NiDI – USA and Mexico
  • The Utilization of Stainless Steels, University of Madison, Wisconsin
  • Overcome the Challenge of Corrosion, University of Madison, Wisconsin; IVEPE, Greece
  • High-temperature seminar, NACE – Houston, Baltimore, Philadelphia & three in-house